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With over 25 years experience in the film industry, Pixelasia founder and director Lena Lenzen has always had an interest in the human side of the story. In her past career as a director for video clips and commercials shooting in a range of countries in Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia she concentrated mainly on making products and brands attractive to the viewers. Working in Timor-Leste gives more space for creativity, exploring the dynamics of a young and quickly developing country while searching for narratives along the way. Working with clients on corporate and promotional projects, she proves her leader qualities and contributes her marketing knowledge and communication skills.

Since the beginning Pixelasia is working together with Timorese crew members, freelance camera crew, editors, producers, production assistants and graphic designers. We have done workshops on how to make commercials and we trained assistant editors and production assistants. We prepare actors for their roles in acting workshops.


In total, for our video department and as audio crew for M3 Radio, we employ ten Timorese staff and Timorese freelance crew members.

We work together with a German camera man, a film maker/ 3D animator from the Philippines, a producer from France, an Indonesian graphic designer, a Portuguese film maker and a production coordinator from Australia. We regularly host interns and volunteers from different countries.


We offer moving and stills pictures as well as graphic design - often as a package for complete campaign development or events and road shows - with a lot of international knowledge suitable to the local and regional market.